How to know when to change your life

We’ve all been there. I call it the “Delirium Dreaders”, a condition we’ve all had at one point or another.

A relationship that is over, but no one wants to call it. A workplace that has more managers and CEOs than actual workers where your ONLY job is to make the “talking heads” look good. Perhaps you’re stuck with a lousy job description that requires the skill set of a “form filler outer” conveniently sucking all the creative life blood from your veins. Maybe it’s when you attended that extended family  BBQ (cook out)  filled with distant relatives who continuously asked you if you are getting married, having that baby, or bought a house yet. Worse yet, your counsellor/psychologist actually doses off when you’re pouring out your guts and still charges you a fortune for their time.

If it weren’t for the fear of being blamed, shamed or ridiculed what would you choose? This is a strategic question coaches ask, that I would encourage you to ask yourself.

  • If you weren’t afraid of being blamed how would you handle your current relationship?
  • If you weren’t afraid of being shamed by work or family what choices would you make?
  • If you weren’t afraid of making your own decisions without the approval of family or counsellors what would you do?

Would you end that painful relationship if you truly felt you gave it your all? Would you look for new work that actually gave you life and tapped into your creative self along with your uncanny problems solving capacity? Would you reframe and redirect conversations with relatives so that instead of feeling “less than” you felt more in control and proud of yourself? Would you fire your current counsellor/psychologist and find a more suitable way of rounding up support? You have more going for you than you realize.

Next time you find yourself suffering from Delirium Dreaders try asking yourself questions to expose your fears. No one has the right to blame/judge you, shame you or ridicule you. Don’t let them. You do not need the approval of others as much as you need your own self compassion and understanding.  Eventually you will realize they have zero power over you. You have choices and decisions to make. It was given to you as your God given human right.

You have a gift. Use it.

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Welcome to Waypoint Wellness & Performance Coaching

I believe we never have to change the “who we are” in our lives. We don’t have to change our core instead we need to “uncover” our core. I believe true awareness is when we realize that it is time we finally get to “be ourselves.” Becoming ourselves is a process back to who we were created and intended to be. Just like we have biological DNA that defines many of our physical characteristics I believe we have creative, intellectual, relational, spiritual and physical DNA that defines our inner landscape, yet so much of life is not spent tending to this precious internal environment. Instead we are often persuaded to replace our own innate programming with assignments given to us from our culture or the workplace structures in which we find ourselves. The truth we miss is that we already have all the talents, gifts, ideas and creativity to move us in the direction that brings us more fulfilling and meaningful lives. This realization and understanding is what planted the seeds for the development of Waypoint wellness & performance coaching.

Waypoint believes we are all at some point on the journey and no matter where you find yourself you can pivot and move towards what truly matters most to you in any area of your life.
Pivot: according to Merriam-Webster: a shaft or pin on which something turns: A person, thing, or factor having a major or central role, function, or effect

The action of pivoting

Especially: the action in basketball of stepping with one foot while keeping the other foot at its point of contact with the floor

Waypoint coaching embraces the concept of the 2mm shift. If you make one small turn in this moment and plan to stay the course you will arrive at a completely different point to where you are right now. Waypoint coaching supports you in making conscious turns so that you can head down the path that will bring you where you want to go in order for you to have a more fulfilling life. You are the key player in your life and you can turn to go towards the goals you choose. Every decision we make brings us down a path. We get to decide. Did I say you get to decide? I can’t emphasize the power of “choice” enough. Waypoint brings you to points of awareness in order that you are empowered to make decisions that are best for you and those whom you love.

How did we lose our way?

We spend a lot of our lives conforming, or adopting values and ideas that do not belong to us. The bottom line is that so many of us have found ourselves in places that we never wanted and certainly never hoped for. Or conversely we spend a good chunk of our time forgetting our values and ideals as we succumb to the status quo, the pressures of those in “charge” in our workplaces as well as the mundaneness of the everyday, that is, living life drifting and without purpose.

Resistance to change even when change is so much better

Through my experiences teaching others (which included teaching teachers) I learned a lot about human nature and the resistance to change. Even when change means something important like “human rights”, “inclusion”, “supportiveness”, and “learning for all” people were still resistant and I wanted to know why. I kept finding myself working alongside people who really were quite content to stay “as is” and live the “status quo.” While I became more restless with my own status quo life I became intrigued with the concepts of change, purpose, meaning, attachment/connection and creative expression. I found myself thinking about what working alongside those who were ready for “change” in their own lives might be like. Instead of adding to a person’s already over loaded life I wanted to be a “game changer” for people who were ready to take hold and move towards their goals. These ideas were so intriguing to me that I set out towards my own personal quest to learn deeply about the concepts of change, motivation, and performance. I came to realize that so many people work incredibly hard and that change can be perceived as exhausting and overwhelming. I concluded that people require a sense of wellness and well-being long before they could develop further in areas of performance. At least if we want lasting change that is.

In my own life I continue to move forward myself. I’ve run half marathons, finished five half Ironman’s & numerous triathlons, as well as, have embarked on many new beginnings. Through unexpected illness, set backs and personal trials I thought I had lost my own edge, but what I have discovered is that you can always come back. I can say I have recovered, discovered and continue to move forward and have begun training once again for another half Ironman scheduled for this summer. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me so I may just plot my come back journey in this blog as well. I have developed a deeply grateful attitude along with resiliency which is foundational to inspire and support you on your journey at Waypoint.

Waypoint comes alongside you as you move forward

At Waypoint wellness & performance coaching you can’t stay in the one spot you find yourself today. Remember we are on your side. “We know that you are going to have set backs, but remember life is all about the come backs.” –Lesley Corbett-